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Air Freight Services

Day-specific or day-definite scheduling, door-to-door service, global airport-to airport service, delivery within one to five business days

Kartos Courier Service Air Freight services are ideal for larger shipments that may or may not require a pallet. In some cases, you can include other services, such as pickup, collection, delivery and customs clearance for convenient shipping.

Take a look at the following services to determine your air freight needs.

Kartos Courier Service Air Freight Directâ„ 

Combine speed, flexibility, and value with our global airport-to-airport service available worldwide

Kartos Courier Service Air Freight Premium Direct

Day-specific scheduling, door-to-door service, with delivery within one to three days available in more than 50 countries and territories

Kartos Courier Service Air Freight Consolidatedâ„ 

Day-definite airport-to-airport service available worldwide